It was a year we won’t forget: From new laws and changing guidelines to innovative technologies, a lot happened in 2018. As another year passed by, changes in the event industry affected the way we view, plan, and experience conferences. We asked our team about some of the biggest changes and news in 2018, and here are their answers:

GDPR Event Apps

GDPR for event apps

The flood of privacy emails pouring into our inboxes earlier this year was a good indication that a change was happening in the way organisations manage personal data. The cause of this flood, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, came into effect on 25 May 2018 and forced organisations to make profound changes in order to prevent privacy breaches. But the GDPR did not only affect the way that organisations work, but it also greatly affected event planning and event technology. Both process a lot of personal data on a daily basis, and should therefore be well educated on the new regulations. Still unsure what the GDPR includes and how it will affect your event app?

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Interactivity Event AppsRise of interactivity

2018 was a great year for event app users, as the focus of event technology shifted from keeping attendees informed to keeping attendees engaged. Not only with the conference content, but with other attendees, experts, and like-minded professionals. A trend that we welcome, as it is in line with our vision: To make bright people brighter. Interactivity makes events more unique, more interesting, and more connected. To foster this, we added many new features in 2018 that will help app users to make new connections, as the networking feature.

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The App Store guideline aftermath

In 2017, Apple left many developers in shock by announcing new App Store guidelines that banned all templated apps. While we interpreted this as a move to quality over quantity, other event app providers forecasted the “end of branded event apps”. Not long after, Apple revised the guidelines and conceded huge ground back to the industry. They clarified that branded apps are alive and well, as long as they provide unique customer experiences and are submitted directly by the provider of the app’s content. But even after the clarification, many app providers still focussed on their vendor branded-container apps throughout 2018. In our opinion, branded event apps come with a variety of benefits and should be the first choice of every organisation. Would you like to learn more about the different app options?

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Updates in the MedTech Code of Ethics

Conferences have always been a good way for companies to get in contact with professionals and to advertise their services. But after the new MedTech Code of Ethics came into full force this year, advertising and sponsoring at conferences suddenly became much more difficult for medical companies. This is where event technology, especially event apps could shine this year: Here, organisers and sponsors have a lot of opportunities to gain visibility and interact with attendees while complying with the new ethical guidelines.

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As 2018 is coming to an end, it is safe to say that it was a year full of innovation and changes in the event industry. Are you curious to know where event technology is going in 2019? Then don’t miss reading our January newsletter, as our team will unveil their predictions and expectations for 2019.


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