A new year has tiptoed in! We want to take a moment to wish you a great 2020 and share our vision on the future of event apps.

This year we will see a strong movement to deep personalization of user experience. And because of the desire for a truly engaging and sophisticated approach, event apps will become more functional, more personal, and more effective. We believe that the winners will be those companies who strive to make the entire user experience better and commit to continuous innovation. Consequently, our 2020 vision is based on simplicity and putting the user at the center of everything we develop.

Conferences and events are all about networking, sharing knowledge, and enhancing ideas. So event apps should strive to enable attendees to discover what’s valuable and concentrate on what matters. Be enabling, rather than being a distraction. In this article, we will share five ways in which we will put the user first in our products.

 Interaction: It is all about the user interface

The UI is about everything a user can see and interact with. The use of colors, use of typography, and the overall layout are all key aspects. The UI is the primary connection between an app and its users. With this in mind, a new version of our Society App is coming shortly with a freshly revamped UI. Each page will be more pleasant and easy to read and will feel like a well-designed digital piece of paper. It will be the best way to get your event program across.

Native apps: Bringing unbeatable user experience

International conferences and large events attract many people, coming from a variety of different countries. Many connect to the WI-FI and because of this load, issues with the internet connection unfortunately still often occur. The last thing you want from your event app is to suffer from this. Directly installed on a mobile device, native apps are quite different from web pages. They are easily accessible, more responsive, and offer better performance. We believe native apps are the only way attendees get a truly meaningful user experience. Our apps have always been native, and our newest release will be the fastest and most responsive one we have ever produced.

Easy navigation: Everything you need at your fingertips

The main purpose of an event app is to enable users to be more productive. It gives them plenty of ways to organize, plan, and enjoy while at the event. An event app is not meant to be a distraction, so easy-to-navigate agendas, maps, and all conference-related matters are crucial. Traditional spring-board home menus are often crowded, non-intuitive, and force the user to go back and forth between different areas all the time. Our next release will introduce a new navigation method that is intuitive, fast and supports multitasking. It will be a massive time saver and simply a joy to use.

AI: The future of event apps

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has created loads of buzz in recent years and is now slowly starting to shape the event industry as well. We understand how AI can process user data, combine it with event data and real-time data from the room to make predictions about what is likely most relevant to the user. Starting this year, our apps will employ these technologies to become smarter and help the users to be more effective at an event. All while ensuring the privacy of the user.

Installing event apps: Sit back and relax

We believe that downloading, installing, and personalizing event apps needs to be trouble-free and with the least possible effort. We will soon release a brand new feature that simplifies this greatly. There will be no need for users to read and follow lengthy step-by-step instructions. With one click on a personalized link, the app downloads install and has you signed in and ready to go. As simple as that.

2020 will be the year of important innovations to our product that put the user first. Tune in to find out more!