The upgrade from a single or a multi-event app to a society app offers great solutions for the challenges faced by national and international associations. Our Sales Manager Sjoerd Bakx shares 3 tips to make associations and societies fully benefit from their society app.

Non-stop mobile benefits

1. Mobile identity

Associations and societies have a tendency to change regularly between suppliers for mobile and online tools. This both because different tools offer different functions that can’t always be combined, as well as for the simple reason that the PCO’s of their annual congress change depending on the location. Ultimately this results in a constantly changing mobile identity. This practice does not benefit the recognition and usability experienced by members and it makes the investment in tools such as conference apps one whose ROI is limited.

With the multi-year character of a society app, associations have the chance to offer their users a one-stop mobile portal that incorporates multiple tools and provides access and value on a constant base. The Society App can be customised to their online identity with recognisable pathways and branding, which greatly improves usability. This especially since members no longer have to download new apps or search online but can always return to the same app for new content. With mobile as the preferred channel to access content, a great mobile identity and constant presence can be a deciding factor for member appreciation and the investment in a society app becomes one with far-reaching value.

2.  Include smaller stake-holders

Societies and their meeting organisers mostly focus on big events such as the annual congress or the larger specialised meetings. A society app gives them the opportunity to move the center of attention beyond their events and put a spotlight on smaller stake-holding activities, such as courses, workshops, and focused trainings.  By incorporating and highlighting these activities in the society app, you keep the app alive and provide members a central entry point for all the learning that is offered by your society.

3. Grow your association

Aside from better communication with members throughout the year and stronger engagement with event content and year-round activities, a society app can support another goal; growing the association. Now that course participants, journal readers, and congress delegates are gathered on one mobile platform, the next step is to cross-promote all activities through the app. By highlighting an activity or sending push notifications a society can activate its app users in learning more about all the activities, not just the ones they attend or use. Furthermore, by letting users share content, the impact of educational content can be increased and prospective members can be reached through peer-to-peer channels. The above also offers industry sponsors a great way to share their new developments and educative content. Furthermore, as the users of the society app will return to it on a constant base, it offers sponsors a great promotional channel as well. Overall a society app offers associations the opportunity to increase membership, event attendance and sponsor revenue, empowering them to develop their association as a whole.

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