Millennials are mobile natives and that means that the mobile tools you offer them, have to cater to their specific needs and interests. As an association, this means that some features and app elements, that you might consider of less importance, are the exact opposite. Our Project Manager Hasmig Momdjian highlights 5 features and elements that are an absolute must in engaging your millennial (prospect) members and conference attendees. 

App features to feature

1. Chat

One of the main reasons for millennial professionals to join an association is professional advancement. In order to achieve this, they want an option to network with peers and professional leaders in their field. Therefore, the opportunity to communicate with both, not just at an annual congress but throughout the year, is a feature that every association should incorporate in their mobile app. Don’t just offer the chat channel to offer peer-to-peer communication, but invite younger members by letting your big names in your industry host topical discussions on relevant subjects. Invite new members to suggest subjects as well.

2. Social Media

As they are the most active users, the incorporation of your social channels as well as a social wall for your events, should not be looked at lightly. Yes, they take up some space in your app, but as millennials are sharers and peer-to-peer motivation is big, include them. This will not just benefit your members, but with a lot of decisions being based on peer reviews, embracing social media can actually boost your registration numbers as well.

3. Personal program

Millennials are fine with sharing information if this means that they can be catered to more fittingly, as they are wary of non-relevant information. Therefore, always offer a personal programming feature in which your app user can list his or her favorite sessions, tracks, and speakers. This assists them in having to refrain from scavenging through extensive programs and tracks each time they use your app, in order to find the sessions they find most beneficial. Another valuable feature is the sharing possibility of the information that they list in their personal profile, think presentations, and notes. As millennials are sharers this gives them the opportunity to also share their new expertise and insights.

4. Training & education

Generation Y wants to advance professionally and certified professional training is something they turn to associations for. Have an event app? Then place a direct button that leads to your educational portal in your app. If they participate in a course or training, they can easily access these and their certifications. If they don’t participate yet, it offers great promotional value.

5. Jobs

If you don’t have a job portal on your association website, get one now. If you have one, list it in your app! The number one reason for millennials to join professional organizations, such as associations, is job opportunities. Motivate your current members to list their job openings in your job directory and encourage them to let members of your association hold a plus over external candidates. For the best millennial service, it would be great if every job posting is combined with the opportunity to contact the association member who posted it, through the app for more information. Another great option that can be employed is to include a job candidate list, where app users who are looking can upload their resumes.

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