A recent study by Event Manager Blog¹ asked more than 2,200 event professionals for their biggest challenge in 2018. The answer remains the same as in the past years: The majority of respondents named budget as their single biggest hurdle in 2018! Luckily, association and event apps offer a variety of features that prove to be real money makers! Our project manager Neta Geva highlights app features that will make – and save – you money. 



1. Spotlight on with sponsor pages!

One of the obvious features that will support you in the budgeting process are app pages that promote sponsors and include information, images and customisable links that lead to their website or sponsored sessions. In the example, the sponsor page of the EFP app leads the user directly to the right sponsor booth. These pages can be part of your existing event sponsor package or sold individually, with options to be featured more prominently or to include more data. If you use its full potential, your in-app sponsor pa(cka)ge will be a profitable revenue source for you and an assistant to share and promote knowledge for your sponsors. 


2. Grow big with membership tiles!

For associations, it is great to see an active community gathered within their event app. The app is a unique channel to communicate with a large audience of attendees – who also happen to be potential members. So don’t miss the opportunity to highlight your membership and its advantages prominently within your app, like our client ESC does! Simply add a tile that forwards users directly to the membership part of your website, without even leaving the app. This will not only grow your membership but also future event registrations and ultimately: your revenue!


3. Let the world know through push notifications!

Next up: Push notifications! With a huge audience in one app, you should seize the opportunity and not only use them to keep your users activated by showcasing important program items but also to promote your other activities and special offers in a very direct manner. Inform your annual congress attendees about your focused seminars and invite your course participants to attend the annual congress. Psst: Your event sponsors can also benefit from a good push notification that highlights their educational content, offering another straightforward way to generate budget.


4. Save money (& the environment) with a digital programme!

Bringing people from around the world to one location for a couple of days can have a huge environmental impact. According to the North Carolina Central University, a conference can generate the equivalent of 170 trees worth of paper waste! A mobile app allows you to digitalise your printed materials such as programmes, announcements and floor plans. Printed posters and abstracts can be uploaded (ideally combined with videos, articles and news) into a digital library within your app. The change from print to digital comes with many more benefits, such as easy and real-time communication of last-minute agenda changes and possibilities to highlight sessions through announcements and push notifications. You will save costs, time and the environment!


Interested to learn more about how your event or assocation app can assist you in the budget process? Contact us for more information.


[This article was originally published in March 2017 and updated in July 2018]