With a wide array in the offers of event and congress apps, it can be a challenge to find the supplier that is right for your organisation, and ultimately purchase the event app that meets your needs. Here are 5 points to consider when looking for the right app and app supplier.

Questions for you and your app supplier


1. What is your main app goal?

To find an app supplier and congress app that will make you happy, it is important to clearly formulate which goal it is, that you want to achieve by employing an app? Do you want to simply turn your programme digital or do you want to use your app to generate more business for your exhibitors? A lot of providers and their apps will tend to multiple goals, but make sure they specialise in your main one.

2. What do your visitors want?

OK, your goal is clear, but what do the end-users of your app expect to find in it? Which functionalities will make their congress experience better, and how well are these incorporated in your app? Once again mark a plus for suppliers that have experience in your field and therefore cater exactly to the needs of your members and attendees.

3. What are your peers doing?

You are not alone and therefore reference is a great way of navigating the app landscape. Check the apps from your peers and note what you like and dislike about them. When contacting app suppliers, ask them for examples of their products from your field of expertise.

4. Is price more important than functionality & service?

The costs for a mobile conference app can be challenging and price, of course, is always an important point of negotiation. However, don’t make the price more important than the app’s functionality and quality. Do consider the service your app provider offers you. If you don’t look beyond pricing, you run the risk to end up with more work than you bargained for and an app that, in retrospect, was not deserving of the “smaller” budget that you spent on it.

5. Which content and functionalities should your app incorporate?

The high quality translation of your conference programme in your app is important, but do look beyond your programme as well.  Think of other content that should be in the app like parallel sessions and functionalities, such as abstract support, push messaging, analytics, Q&A and sponsor features. Check which features are offered by different suppliers and if there are added costs for the features that are important to you. Make an as complete as possible list of your app requirements before negotiating and critically check which services are offered by app suppliers.

Do you have any remaining questions? Please feel free to contact us!