With the introduction of new ethical guidelines, professionals and sponsors are increasingly looking for value at knowledge events. The prohibition of direct sponsorship by companies forces professionals to fund their attendance on their own. Hence delegates are more selective when choosing conferences to attend. The strict separation of the scientific and sponsored program asks sponsors to change their strategies for attracting attendees. A mobile app can add the value your delegates are looking for and offer the support your sponsors need! Our Project Manager Clara Lluch highlights 5 app features that increase your event’s value.

Personalization is the key

Knowledge events tend to have an extensive program. Scouting for beneficial tracks, keeping an overview over session times, or organizing notes can be challenging and time-consuming. Attendees want your program schedule to be tailored to their needs. Luckily, event apps offer practical solutions. With a My Programme feature, delegates select their preferred sessions and speakers. The app presents a personalized program that synchronizes with all logged-in devices. Furthermore, delegates are able to take notes about the sessions or certain speakers. The program, as well as the notes, can be shared with colleagues via email, message, or social media.

Join the conversation!

Do you want to open possibilities for direct topical conversations amongst all conference attendees? The feature to use is an In-App Chat. The chats enable attendees to share opinions and insights, ask questions, or receive feedback. It establishes an easy channel to connect with other professionals and like-minded attendees. The communication becomes more structured by hosting different topical discussions. Speakers can invite participants to continue the discussion of their session in the app. By offering a focused communication channel, you are offering great value to all.

Interaction = Satisfaction

The times of straight-forward presentations and long speeches are over: Delegates want to feel involved. They love to take part in sessions and give feedback to the presenters. Feedback and questions also open new perspectives for presenters and give the audience the answers they need. With a Vote, Poll, or Q&A feature, you turn a passive audience into active participants. The audience can interact with the topic not only during but also before the session. All questions, results, and feedback will be received by a moderator. He can then pick relevant information to display and discuss in the session. The result: A rewarding presentation and a satisfied audience.

No time? – No problem

Features make it easy to maximize the impact of your event. From a few hours to 365 days. From a presentation room to anywhere in the world. By offering a Podcast or Live Feed of sessions, presentations, or satellite symposia on your event app, you widen your audience immediately. Delegates get the possibility to watch certain sessions again or to attend your conference whenever and wherever it is convenient for them.

Show me the numbers

It is of great importance to know how sessions, symposia, and booths are performed at a conference. With the Analytics feature, you have all the data at your fingertips. The feature provides you with deep, real-time analytics and evaluations. Even the success of push notifications and sponsor engagement can be monitored and evaluated. With our event app, you can offer downloadable reports to your sponsors and give them opportunities to review and improve at their next event.

We are happy to show you more app features that offer value to your event’s attendees and sponsors!