From our Software Engineer Carlos Zinato
Carlos Zinato from Conference Compass on the use of iBeacons in your event app and during your conferenceOne of the perks of the mobile revolution is the increasingly popular use of iBeacons during events to promote organisation and industry sponsor messages. In order to successfully employ this features here are 5 simple tips to make it work according to your wishes.

How to dot the i’s for iBeacons

1. Bluetooth message
In order to let more app users receive the iBeacon messages, at the start of your event make sure to send out a push notification to put on the Bluetooth function of their mobile device in order to receive benefits and interesting updates. One of the great advantages of iBeacons is because of bluetooth use their messages are not limited by the quality of your Wi-Fi connection!

2. Play with regions
Most iBeacons can be departed in major regions and minor regions. Use the major or general regions for general messages such as welcoming messages. Use minor regions (short distance to iBeacon) to personify your messages focussing on the highlighted item of interest.

3. Set intervals to avoid spam
It’s great to receive relevant messages but it is annoying if the frequency is too high. Therefore, set time intervals. Your iBeacon should also pick up when somebody has already received a message but enters the same region again, stopping it from sending out the same message twice.

4. Offer variety and benefits
By setting time slots for your messages you can enter different messages. This gives you the option to play with content and mix it up between that from your organisation and that from industry sponsors. Messages that offer benefits are always appreciated so ranging from a refreshing drink to access to an interesting white paper, do share your benefit!

5.  Link your messages
To give your iBeacon messages more impact, link them, either internally in your app or externally to web content. iBeacons can be a great tool to alert attendees that they are entering an interactive session. Link the message to the session and options for Q&A, Voting and Rating.

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