With extensive to-do lists, event organizers have to be planners at heart. But even the best face the challenge of adding the production of their conference app, to their schedules. It is easy to underestimate the importance of its project timeline and therefore our project manager Clara Lluch gives 5 good reasons and tips to honor the app project timeline as well.

5 tips for a smooth app project

1. Trust the expert

Project managers of quality app suppliers customize the timeline of your app to your needs and general event planning. They take into account all facets, including app stores and promotion, and optimize your timeline to produce the best quality app. They advise you based on their expertise and moderate according to your wishes. So instead of extra demand, see the app timeline as it is meant to be; support and service. Your conference app should be a joint project with your supplier with one shared goal; you as a happy client.

2. Include

As your timeline supports you and your app is a part of your event, it is strongly advised to include its timeline and deadlines in the overall event planning. Keeping it in a different schedule gives the risk of it skipping your attention. Giving you a greater challenge than it should.

3. Do’s with delays

Delays happen, that’s planner life, but do communicate it to your project manager. They are happy to assist you and review your timeline. They will help to see where changes can be made and where delays can be worked around. Don’t go into hiding, turning them into your stalker, as they are eager to make sure your app is as great as it ought to be.

4. Review

One of the goals of your app project timeline is that it gives you time to review and dot the i’s. Having time to let the different stakeholders thoroughly review the app, gives you and your project manager the opportunity to let your app meet and even exceed your expectations. Making its employment a smooth operation with as little stress as possible.

5. Promote

To increase the success of your conference app the promotion of it is important. And in order to promote it well, it needs to be ready on time. Your timeline takes the marketing of your app into account, so honoring it will increase its success directly. For extra service good app providers even provide handy marketing guides, so don’t hesitate to ask your project manager for some assistance.

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