A society app is more than just a multi-event app, it can be your most effective communication platform sitting literally in the hands of your association members and event delegates. The optimal use of your app begins at the right configuration of your society app home menu. Our Project Manager Neta Geva gives 5 tips to optimize it.

How to make your app screen feel like home

1. Recognition

One of the first things to do is to make sure your society app matches the look and feel of your website. Members are acquainted to use your website and know where to find the content that is most relevant to them. By matching the look and feel and configuration of your home screen with that of your website the user will recognise its features and this will make navigation even simpler.

2. Key information

Include a button for key information about your association and make sure it leads to quality information. Match its name to that on your site so if this is ‘About us’ or ‘Council’, copy that. Make sure to use clear and short headlines.

3. Promote events

The home screen gives a great option to promote upcoming activities by listing the event at the top of your app screen. You can play with the order of events in your app to highlight the event or activity of your choice. Of course, the events listed within the society app are captured in a full-featured event apps. This by itself forms a key reason for your members to return to your society app time and time again.

4. News and activation

Make sure to implement a button that activates your users and shows your activities. This can be a button that links to your social media feeds or a direct link to an ongoing topical discussion. Put emphasis on your news feature as well, both at association and event level.

5.  Industry exposure

Make sure to offer your main sponsors exposure and the option to interact. You can do this both at the association and event level. By adding a button just for your sponsor that leads to their latest news, event activities, and an option for users to contact them, you offer them high-quality exposure and interaction.

Would you like more tips on optimising your app use? Contact us!