For congress organizers, it’s becoming increasingly important to let their delegates really engage with their event content. Our Software Engineer Yiannis Tsirikoglou gives 5 tips to socialize.

1. Sharing is caring

The key to knowledge exchange lies in the “exchange” a.k.a. sharing. So make sure your program content is easily sharable in your congress app. The integration of a social media feed is great, but knowledge exchange asks for more than personal comments alone! For sessions, speaker profiles, abstracts & presentations, make sure that they have a share button. Preferably one that not only directs to social media but to other channels such as emails and chats as well.

2. Favorites

A great feature of congress apps is that they give delegates the opportunity to create their own personal program with favorite sessions, presenters, and abstracts. One of the great benefits of these in-app personal programs is that the delegates have access to it after the event and that they can export and synch the information they gathered, including notes, to different devices and channels. By offering your delegates the opportunity to create their own profile & program and making these favorites sharable and exportable, your event contents lifecycle just got increased substantially.

3. Participate

The sight of delegates falling asleep during a session is every organizer’s and presenter’s nightmare. To avoid this you should make your sessions and presentations interactive, so you let delegates participate and give presenters valuable feedback. Therefore, use the interactive features of your app such as Vote, Poll, and Q&A. Your delegates and presenters will appreciate it.

4. Notifications that connect

Push notification is a great tool to promote sessions, sponsors, and key speakers. To make them work best make sure they are linked to the content you are promoting. So not just tell about a session, but connect that session to your push notification in order for delegates to actually put it in their personal program. The same goes for abstracts, sponsors, and speakers.

5. Topical discussion

The interactive feature of chat is great for personal contact but offers an even greater opportunity in the form of topical discussions. Let keynote speakers and presenters actively invite delegates for an in-app topical discussion. Start topical discussions for key content and share insights. By offering your sponsors the option for a topical discussion as well you can actually facilitate the scientific dialogue they are aiming for.

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