The offer of in-app features in event apps is constantly increasing and organizations and their PCOs find themselves puzzled about which features to employ. More often than not, they end up with limited use of the possibilities. To clarify the benefits, our Sales Manager Sjoerd Bakx shares 5 ways in which in-app features can support your organization in improving your ROI.

1. Usability first

The first and foremost rule that an event app must honor, is high-quality usability. In order for delegates to use and appreciate your event app, it must function in a way that supports their needs. This firstly concerns a good translation of the multi-level programs, including abstracts, that come with scientific and medical events. But not to be underestimated is a feature that both tends to the needs of your delegates and to those of your event sponsors; an interactive floor plan. Interactive in a way that by clicking on a session or sponsor, delegates automatically see their location and vice versa through floor plan pins that direct to the sponsor profile. This offers event sponsors and exhibitors important value, which makes attending your event worthwhile.

2. Full profiles

Good event apps offer full sponsor profiles, but unfortunately, this feature is rarely used optimally. A good profile feature not only offers sponsors and exhibitors the possibility to communicate their basic info but also lets them share their scientific content. With features such as a slideshow and direct in-app contact options, such as chat, incorporated into their profile, the investment in an event app will pay itself back, by assisting in generating your needed budget.

3. Don’t hesitate to get interactive

Aiming for more appreciation for your event? Use the interactive features of your app. With features such as rating and Q&A, your delegates not only get more engaged with the content of your sessions and presentations, but they will also feel involved if you show your appreciation for their input and opinions. More engagement leads to more appreciation, which leads to more interest, which leads to more attendees.

4. Get chatty

The interactive feature of Chat deserves some attention of its own. While most organizations tend to surpass it, it actually deserves to be highlighted and promoted to your attendees. With Chat, it is easier for delegates to get into contact with co-attendees who share the same field of expertise and more. It also gives attendees the possibility to stay in contact after the event has ended. Aside from the attendee-to-attendee contact, Chat can also be employed by the organization itself, in the form of topical discussions. Even sponsors and exhibitors can benefit greatly from it, through themed topical discussions that foster the scientific dialogue they are aiming for. Through the use of Chat, the impact of the knowledge shared at your event and therefore the impact on your society can be increased for a prolonged period of time.

5. Staff & paper savings

By employing an event app with an interactive program, the saving by eliminating your paper program and book of abstracts is evident. But your savings don’t end here. By employing your app features such as Q&A, Voting, and Rating you are also saving on the staff that is necessary for normal polling activity. And by employing push messages, the broad staff needed for informing your delegates can be decreased substantially as well. This as they are no longer necessary to keep your delegates informed at all times, assisting PCOs and societies in inefficient staffing.

Want to learn more about what app features can mean for your event? We are happy to inform you.