A mobile event app offers obvious advantages for both you as an organizer as well as for your attendees. Yet, it is not easy to convince all of them of the benefits. Generating downloads can pose a challenge, even with an audience of mobile-savvy participants.  So what to do? We share our 5 best tips to help you ace your Event App Adoption.

Make the app part of the event registration

The registration confirmation email is a perfect opportunity to introduce your app and its value to your attendees. Below the confirmation, include a download link (or QR code) in the email and ask your attendees to download the app as the final of the registration. The email should showcase your app as a must-have, rather than a nice extra. To do so, name the benefits of the early download, like:

  • Subscribe early for selected sessions with limited spots
  • Join pre-event discussions with other attendees
  • Explore the sessions and create your personal program before the event
  • Take part in topical discussions with experts
  • Find embargo releases of selected abstracts
  • Be the first to know about news and updates

Use the app during your opening presentation

All your attendees will be at your opening presentation, which makes it a golden moment to promote your app! Yet, many organizers miss this opportunity. Here is how to make the best out of it: Start by showing a slide before the beginning of the opening presentation that is asking your attendees to download the app. Include a QR code to make it quick and easy to find the app. Then, during the presentation, have your speaker use the app at least once, e.g. to ask the audience a question (and get immediate feedback!). Seeing everyone around them contribute through their mobile devices will generate excitement about the app and automatically increase the app downloads.

Provide on-site support

You need to remember that not all attendees are equally tech-savvy. Depending on their knowledge level and experience with event apps, they might have some questions or need help installing your app. Teach your staff about the installment process, use, and benefits of the event app, and assign a small team and space in your registration zone to create an app help desk. Alternatively, you can talk to your event app provider and see if they offer on-site support by their own staff.

Make it friendly for everyone

The accessibility, design, and structure of your app can make the difference between a high and mediocre adoption rate. Your app should be running on most devices and operating systems and, if possible, on the web too. Then, make it easy for your attendees to find your app. Offer them several different ways to download the event app. Give it a unique name and app icon to make it recognizable for attendees in the app in the App- or Play Store. Include QR-codes in printed promotional materials or in presentations and links in online promotions and banners.

Your speakers are influencers

Speakers are one of the most important assets for any conference. Utilize their influence by inviting them to actively use and communicate through the app. They can host topical chats and discuss with their audience after their presentation. Or, enable them to moderate interactive features during their presentations that will allow the audience to take part. The more speakers communicate through and use the app, the more valuable it becomes to your attendees!

Through a consistent and organized promotion, you will be able to achieve a great event app adoption and ensure ongoing app usage before, during, and after the event. If you need more ideas and help to promote your event app, have a look at our App Marketing Checklist or other templates. As part of our service, we also provide all our Conference Compass clients with a complete Marketing Kit, including exclusive tips, tricks, and materials to make your Event App a great success!

Do you have more questions about the promotion of your event app? Contact us!