New App Store and Review Guidelines ©Apple

Impact on event apps.

At their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2017, Apple announced the biggest overhaul of their App Store in its 9-year-history. In a move to clean up the App Store before its new launch, Apple announced updates to their App Store Review Guidelines, acting more strictly on their quality guidelines for apps. This move to quality over quantity is welcomed by Conference Compass and gives an opportunity to further improve our service of providing high quality customised apps to our clients.

New App Store and Review Guidelines ©Apple

Customisation is the future
The update to the App Store Review Guidelines (find out more here) translates into stricter requirements for new apps and demands the apps to have a certain custom quality. With the update, Apple wants to enforce a decline of clone, spam and junk apps and an increase of quality apps, with a structure and usability catered to the personal needs of the users. This firstly means that companies and organisations that want their own app, need to create their own Apple App Store account. We are happy to assist our clients in this, as it provides an extra branding opportunity that helps to promote their apps and to get more attendees to download them.

One app portal
Secondly, in a move to prevent cluttered accounts with inactive apps, Apple demands account holders to abstain from publishing multiple similar apps. Should multiple similar apps be necessary, for example for multiple events, Apple requires to house these into a so-called container app with their organisations name, branding and custom structure.

By doing so, Apple aims to offer users easier discovery of apps and a better usability of the App Store. Just like the overall media trend, Apple wants its App Store to offer its users only content that is relevant to them, preferably through one portal. This is a development that Conference Compass applauds, as it confirms our vision that event apps should provide a more lasting experience than just during the days of the event, and that the experience during multiple events can best be unified in a single mobile app. To this extent, we have pioneered with the Society App and are leading in this domain. The Society App functions as a mobile platform for an organisation’s communication channels and events, create an engaged community and unifies various conferences and workshops as well as other activities.

Assisting the change
As an experienced app developer who works closely with Apple, Conference Compass’ services are aligned with Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines. We regularly update and inform our clients on these and other relevant policies as they become available. For years our App Store Management service has assisted our clients in setting up their own app store accounts and publishing their apps into those accounts. We will assist our clients in alterations to their App Store Accounts, guarantee them to comply with Apple’s updated Review Guidelines.

Interested in the effects that the new Review Guidelines might have on your app?