Hosting a conference or event can be an expensive undertaking with much of the budget allocated to the venue, the program, catering, and publicity. Sometimes this budget does not allow the extra investment for an event app; a must-have for the current day tech-savvy attendee. What many forget is that an event app can be an ideal channel to attract sponsors. An event app is widely used during an event and at Conference Compass there are many different ways to highlight and showcase a sponsor, each with its own sponsor benefits and revenue possibilities.

Before you set out to secure sponsors, it is important to set goals and limitations; how much revenue are you aiming for and how much say do you want to give a certain sponsor. We have created a comprehensive list of sponsor opportunities within a Conference Compass event app that you can use to attract and secure sponsors for your event.

event app sponsor-in-list

Highlight sponsors and sponsored sessions

Make your sponsor stand out from a list of sponsors and exhibitors, making users more likely to click through to see their information and stand location. Highlight sponsored sessions or presentations, increasing interest, and attendance. You can highlight more sponsors for extra revenue, though that can lessen the impact it has.

Sponsored push notification

Push notifications are sent to all users and are mostly used to send out event news. This option can also be used to give the sponsors the immediate impact they want. Caution and moderation are advised, as you don’t want to annoy your user by bombarding them with a constant advertisement.

event app sponsor-page

Link a sponsor page from the home menu

Feature a major sponsor with its own home menu button. From the home menu screen, attendees can access a dedicated sponsor page that might feature images, a banner, and information. Because the home menu buttons serve as the main navigational tools of the app, they are limited in number and hence, are prime real estate.

event app splash screen sponsorInclude a sponsor in the loading screen of the app

Every time the app is launched, a loading screen is visible for a few seconds. Usually, this screen includes the event logo and branding, but it can also include a sponsor logo or banner. The loading screen is only visible during that moment and only when an app is shut down completely before launching it or after some time of inactivity. This is a prime place for advertisements as users are actively looking at it while launching the app. It ties in with the branding of the event, giving a strong link between the sponsor and the event.

event app sponsoring carrousel

Include a secondary splash screen or ad carrousel

Upon launching the app, multiple splash screens can be shown in succession. A dedicated sponsor splash screen is an extremely effective way to grab users’ attention, highlighting stand location and sponsored sessions, a user can directly add this to their personal planner and favorites.

event app sponsoring

Include the sponsor logo in the background image of the home screen

The background image of the home menu screen is probably the only page with a 100% reach to all users. It is the screen where attendees refer back to for the home menu buttons and notifications. The home menu background usually features event branding, but can also showcase a sponsor logo. Obviously this option has the most visibility and thus, more value than the previously stated options.

Completely sponsor branded app but with your data

In this solution, you let the sponsor completely brand the app but you deliver the content. In a sense, you and your sponsor are partners which will make the investment you have to make significantly smaller or even non-existent, depending on your arrangement.

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