Through our CMS, we want to give our clients the freedom to design their apps with the most freedom. However, with a growing number of devices, this meant that clients had to upload an ever-growing number of images in different sizes or see their images distorted on some devices. We have dedicated our time to this problem and came up with a new, effort- and time-saving picture upload in the CMS!

How does it work?

Our developers have managed to cut the number of images needed in the CMS to only 8 sizes: For mid-range phones, high-end phones, mid-range tablets, and high-end tablets, all in landscape and portrait (see below).

This will not only save you time but also increase the support for nearly all screen types, including the tall iPhone X and Galaxy S8 and S9 screens. After uploading the images, they will be automatically converted to different sizes. This way, images are not stretched vertically or horizontally, as the device will automatically pick the image with the right ratio. Logos and other artwork for will remain as beautiful as they were originally designed!