With the adaptation of ethical guidelines, the times of bold advertising on knowledge events are over. Still, sponsors are eager to share their expertise and looking for alternative ways to grab the attention of attendees. But how can you enable your sponsors to communicate their value while honoring the new regulations? Our Sales Manager Sjoerd offers a closer look at the possibilities and presents solutions for you and your sponsors.


The update of the ethical regulations resulted in a strict separation of the scientific and sponsored program. Event sponsors moved away from plain advertising, goodie bags, and big banners and towards knowledge sharing. This posed a challenge for many event organizers in providing sponsors with the attention they deserve.


Event technology can provide the right tools to solve this problem. First of all, event organizers should make sure that their sponsor’s satellite symposia are clearly visible and easily accessible to all attendees while staying within the ethical guidelines. This is where an event app proves to be valuable. Through searchable event programs, attendees have access to broad information about both the scientific and sponsored program. Even before the congress has started, sessions or presenters can be favorited and added to a personalized schedule, so that no beneficial opportunity will be missed.

Secondly, ensure to continuously bring attention to the sponsored program during your conference. Apps offer features such as splash advertisements or push messages, to help you reach your delegates at the right time. Splash advertisements display your sponsors and their symposium when the app opens. Push notifications remind your delegates of upcoming sessions. Sending out a message shortly before the session proves to be very successful. Don’t forget to add links to your in-app promotions, leading to abstracts, presenter, or sponsor profiles. Your attendees will be thankful to find all relevant information at their fingertips.

After you successfully navigated your delegates to the right sessions, industry presenters also have to make sure to engage their audience. Interactive sessions present more value to both the audience and the presenter. Ideally, your interactive technology allows smooth and steady communication not just during, but also before and after a presentation. A chat feature is a must-have here. Organizers, delegates, and sponsors can establish a year-round, lasting connection. Sessions and themes can be addressed in topical sessions and sponsors get the scientific dialogue they are aiming for.

iBeacons offer an extra opportunity for direct exchange between professionals and your industry. They allow sponsors to send targeted messages to delegates that are visiting their booth, session, or another key location. No opportunity to connect will be missed. Floor plans also assist to find certain companies at a conference. A colorful pin on the floor plan can give your sponsor the attention he looks for. Link their profile and session to provide all valuable information.


There are multiple tools available that offer solutions, but event apps can combine them all. When choosing an app supplier, try to also include your sponsor’s interests: What are their goals? What do they want to offer your attendees? Then, employ suitable app features to reach those goals. Optimize and personalize them to match your conference. Conference Compass app solutions can employ all the mentioned features – and more. You can find a detailed overview and explanation of different packages in the Sponsor Brochure. Our dedicated project managers can then assist you to adjust every feature of your event app to your needs.

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