Society App

High quality app, great service, multiple events and year-round activities.

Your 365 mobile communication platform that connects your events, journals & year-round activities.
  • A society wide app that houses a dynamic platform that offers value over multiple years. The app incorporates a CMS that provides you with live insights and analytics.
  • The 365 interactive communication platform builds and activates your mobile community and offers great value to your exhibitors & industry sponsors in a continuous manner.

Event App

High quality branded app, great service, one event.

The most powerful app platform for scientific & medical events on the market.
  • A powerful app that accurately translates the complexity of your event programme & documents and comes with high quality service from your dedicated project manager.

  • An app that incorporates an interactive communication platform that fosters engagement of your delegates with your programme content.

  • Live insights and analytics with a great CMS that puts you in control and helps you increase your event ROI.

Hosted Event App

High quality app, great service, small budget.

For the smaller event looking for a budget friendly option, the Hosted Event App package is your event published in our multi event app, Conferences – By CC.
  • A budget friendly app that has all the of the standard event app features and services without the added costs and hassle of publishing your own app in the app stores.
  • The app enables attendees to view your complete event program and create their own customised schedule, mark favourites and take notes within the app, even offline.

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Upgrade your service package

Once you have chosen an app package, we offer multiple service upgrades that make your app process even easier.

Automated Data Input

A custom integration that connects your app
with your event software, such as CTI, B-Com,
Covr, Eventure, Joined together group, etc.

On-Site Support

Have one or more of our Conference Compass
experts assist you at your event.

Artwork Package

Have one of our in-house designers create
your app artwork.

Web App

A way to access your events anytime, on any
device: simply through the browser.

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