Conference Compass, a Dutch pioneer in the world of event apps, has a mission to enable medical and scientific professionals worldwide to share and exchange knowledge that is connected to the symposia and congresses they visit. To realize this platform, the young tech company has won an innovation funding of 1M Euro from the RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency).

The investment of RVO in Conference Compass accelerates the continuous development of its technology and supports the growth of its worldwide partner network. The knowledge platform will support the learning goals of millions of medical and scientific professionals by enabling them to access, share and exchange relevant knowledge, no longer limiting them to the time and location of a congress.

Worldwide knowledge platform connected to events

Founded in 2010, Conference Compass serves more than 150 events and hundreds of thousands of users each year, making them a trusted partner of the largest medical and scientific organizations in Europe and North America. As a front-runner in the event app world, Conference Compass sees great opportunities to further improve its value. CEO and co-founder of Conference Compass Jelmer van Ast: “We predict a shift to the more strategic use of event apps, giving them a central role in reaching event goals. Aside from this, we expect professionals to no longer settle for an event experience that is limited to a few event days. They long for integration with their professional goals throughout the year.”

This vision was recently ratified by Apple through an update of the App Store Review Guidelines that aims to drastically lower the number of inactive apps in the App Store and realize a qualitative leap forward in its offer. Apple encourages organizations to choose a one-app solution that houses all their events and offers continuous value.


Jelmer van Ast appreciates the confidence that RVO puts in his company with their funding: “To know that the opportunities we see in this market are also seen by an organization such as RVO, supports our vision that our knowledge platform can make an important and transboundary contribution. With this funding, we are given the opportunity to fully develop this platform.”

RVO sees a lot of opportunities: “Conference Compass has a proven status and expertise in the world of scientific and medical events and shares their passion for knowledge exchange. It is this combination that ensures an adequate translation of the needs of their clients and the professionals they represent into a dynamic platform. This results in an innovation that will offer value in both the short and long-term.”

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