Event app analytics

In today’s data-driven world, technology gives us various tools to measure and analyze the performance and effectiveness of our organizations. We also use this data to more easily gauge and adapt to the changing needs of consumers. Mobile apps have grown to become a standard offer for many organizations and events, meeting consumers’ desire for increased efficiency and convenience. Mobile apps have also become an important tool in gathering data for analysis.

For event planners, providing an event app offers many benefits across all parties. Users can access information quickly and easily, and organizers can utilize analytical data to understand what attendees find most interesting and what improvements can be made for future events. During the use of an event app, information gathered about the users also proves handy for real-time adaptations. Further, the data reveals the effectiveness and ROI of the event app itself and is the perfect way to attract event sponsors.

Below, we discuss the ways that event app analytics can play an important part in measuring the success of your event and event app and improving event ROI.

App adoption
In many cases, the event app is an alternative to the traditional program book, reducing printing and distribution costs. From the attendee’s perspective, an event app is an interactive, up-to-date, and weightless alternative and attendees have come to expect the availability of an event app. For an event app to be successful though, it is important that most, if not all attendees are aware of the app and encouraged to install it. This requires an initial investment of time and/or money in marketing efforts. Analytics can reveal the result of those efforts and data about the app adaptation during your event can be compared with the actual number of event attendees per day or part of the day.

Analytics and sponsors
An event app is a perfect tool to attract extra sponsors for your event. There are many ways to give your sponsors the attention they deserve within your app. The sponsor opportunities in an event app can generate revenue that will finance app investment. For sponsors, it is important to know which sponsor option gives the most exposure and, after the conference, what the actual results are. App analytics can provide this information and aid in attracting sponsors.

Effectiveness & ROI
When organizing an event, decisions are made about how to structure and prioritize event elements. App usage data helps to form decisions for the next event or even make adjustments during an event. Results showing the most popular search terms, visited presentations, and general app activity, provide powerful information that organizations can use to improve the ROI and effectiveness of an event.

For many organizations, it can be a big decision to invest in an event app. The insight gained through the app analytics, together with the convenience and ease provided to users, makes it a sound and worthy investment. With the support of sponsors, the event app can even become an extra source of revenue. A win-win for everyone! Contact us for a demonstration of how app analytics can work for your event!