“Sustainable events:” easier said than done.  Because let’s face it: events are not sustainable. However, being more eco-conscious has become more important than ever before, with a growing awareness of the impact that events can have on the environment. We have reached the point at which event attendance is very likely to be compromised if organisers do not show a conscious commitment to making more sustainable choices. An event platform is an effective and effortless first step to take into the direction of making these sustainable choices and creating an event with less of a negative impact on the environment.

So how does our event platform help you achieve that?

📚 Going paperless

It can be easy to overlook how much paper waste an event creates. Printed programmes, venue maps, abstract books, flyers… the list goes on! Not only are they a waste, but also a hassle to sort through: often ending up lost or crumpled on the bottom of a goodie bag. With our event app, you can store all this informationt wo clicks away and make it much easier to navigate. Through the app, attendees have a detailed and customisable event schedule and interactive floor plan. They can sort through sponsors

🛍️ Nobody needs another goodie bag

Goodie bags are notoriously wasteful. Everybody gets one, nobody actually needs one. The presents inside tend to get tossed away – there are only so many branded pens and keychains that a person needs in their life. Instead, with our platform you can offer redeemable vouchers for eco-conscious gifts. Those who really want to walk away from your event with a gift will have something more meaningful and useful, and the rest will be aware of the positive impact you are trying to make as an organisation. Less is more!

✈️ Flying is not always necessary

Worry not! We are not saying that virtual events should come back. However, we all know that there are some speakers in events who only arrive to give their presentation and go back to their busy daily schedule. Speakers who will objectively not benefit from in-person attendance of your event can join through our online platform and give their presentation online. Attendees can all gather in-person and still have meaningful engagement through live polling, live Q&A and more!

💡Remind people to be more sustainable

The best effort is a collective effort. Remind your attendees through push notifications to make more eco-conscious choices throughout the event. Encourage your audience to recycle, to bring their own water bottle, reduce waste and to take public transport. This way your efforts create a culture of sustainability that extends beyond the event itself.

In conclusion

Overall, our event platform provides you with the tools you need to create more sustainable events. By setting up an event app, you already create a more eco-friendly solution for your attendees. We should all commit to help create more sustainable events and we hope that our platform can be a small part of a larger effort to create a greener future.