Event trends for the upcoming year always make a lot of buzz among the event planners. 2015 has been no different. While we have seen some reputed names in the industry, making their predictions about the technology trends that would make it big in 2015, there is one particular interview about the predictions that really caught our attention. It was from Corbin Ball, a reputed speaker, consultant and writer in the field of international technology meetings.

Corbin in his interview talks about the technologies that are now a must-have for event organizers, and about the ones that have a promising future. As Corbin mentions, an interesting trend that has amazed most of us, is the rise of mobile technology and the way it has become mainstream today. Conference Compass is the pioneer in mobile event apps and five years ago when we started, mobile apps for events where considered to be nice-to-have. We had a hard time explaining event organizers about the value a mobile app will bring to their event. 2015 is a lot different. Today the event organizers have either used an event app themselves or seen others using it and therefore, they understand that in the current world where even technology laggards are now carrying around smartphones, mobile apps are a must-have for their events.

It is interesting to take note of the popular assumption about the need of an app for an event: the larger the event, the more likely it is to have a mobile app. We believe that’s true. The more information and the higher the number of interactions among the delegates in an event, the more important it is to make sure that they are available in the right way. And that’s the primary value mobile event apps add. At Conference Compass, we have added immense value to many of such large events especially because our core strength lies in the fact that our apps are great at handling large amount of data. The app that we made for European society of cardiology (ESC) 2014 had 20000 downloads, amongst 30000 delegates and included 6000 presentations and 4000 abstracts. However, since Conference Compass caters to the needs of every client, we offer solutions for both large and small events. We have also made apps for single day events with 5 presentations and 50 delegates.

Large events also often face challenge when it comes to the availability of good free WiFi at the venues. As Corbin Ball rightly mentions, ‘the larger the event, the more likely it is that you’re not going to have satisfactory free WiFi’. Imagine a situation, where there is a meeting room with 1000 delegates, and everybody at the same time wants to pull out their mobile event app and interact with it, this would require huge demand on bandwidth. This eventually calls for compromises from the venues and the meeting planners. We understood this concern of our clients at the very onset and have always believed that organizers should have absolute surety that their app will work perfectly well in such situations. It is for this very reason that every feature we create, our efforts are directed towards making sure that it works independent of the WiFi. 95% of the features in our apps work just as well in airplanes as in busy sessions halls, or on the exhibitor floor.

We believe that even though we are the pioneer in the event app industry since 2010, we have just started and there is a whole new world on how we can add more value to the event experience of the organizers and the attendees. The essence of using an event app for the organizers is the management of their event information and its seamless sharing with their delegates, to provide them with an easy access to the complete event program. We are specialist in doing that and this is what differentiates us from the other players in the industry. Our clients are happy about it and so are we!

Author: Jelmer van Ast, CEO & Founder
            Priya Gupta, Marketing Manager

 Read full interview of Corbin Ball here