Conferences and their technologies have developed in the past year and the changes affected the way we view, plan, and experience conferences. While certain trends are bound to stay, some technologies will see major updates in 2019. We asked our team about their predictions and trends for the coming year, and here are their answers:

Event Apps in 2019 - Jelmer

New technologies

Mobile event apps are no longer a nice-to-have: Today, almost every major conference uses them to engage their attendees and let them access the event on the go. From programme and speaker information to interactive and networking features, it’s all just a tap away. In 2019, event apps will become more personal and intelligent in helping the attendee to get the most out of each event. To do so, app developers will focus on integrating new and improved technologies like Artificial Intelligence.

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Event Apps in 2019 - Carolina

Going paper-free

Going paperless at events and conferences is a good step for event professionals with multiple benefits! It is not only reducing the event’s carbon footprint while saving budget, but attendees also have to carry around much less paper and experience a more high-tech event. The British Paediatric Neurology Association are a great example: As of last year, the annual BPNA congress is paper-free and using their Conference Compass app to replace the traditional handbook and abstract supplement.

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Event Apps in 2019 - Younes

Stay connected

Associations started to realize the value of their event app as a year-round tool – rather than a one-off investment. Annual conferences and events get them in contact with many professionals, but in most cases, this connection disappears once the conference is over. An app presents them with a unique channel to communicate and engage with their attendees and members throughout the year – which helps them to grow their community (and membership) with every event.

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Event Apps in 2019 - JanaUsing data responsibly

Big data is considered to be the future of technology, and events are no exception: It can be a great aid in improving your attendees’ event experience. By analysing your event data, you get a better understanding of your attendees’ interests and behaviour and can improve future events. Apart from the value of event data, data security is also bound to become a priority. Data security plans have already been set in motion in 2018 with policies such as the GDPR and will continue to gain importance in 2019.

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The conference and event technology sector is a fast-moving landscape. While some of our predictions are more adventurous than others, the future of event technology promises to make events more personalized, connected, and secure. Our team is looking forward to another bright and innovative year!