From our Sales Executive Remco Kraai

Conference Compass Remco Kraai Society App benefitsInternational and national associations face the challenge to grow and activate their mobile communities. The move from a single event app towards a year-round society app can prove to be of great value in reaching these and other yearly goals. Our Sales Executive Remco Kraai gives 5 clear examples of where a society app can benefit associations, their members and their industry sponsors.

Keep your users close

One of the most evident benefits is the fact that users of a single event app are more often than not lost after the event. They simply uninstall the app as they no longer see its use.

Considering the fact that mobile is the main communication channel nowadays and will even become bigger in the near future, this is a great loss. With a society app, your events are incorporated within the general app, which means that the users of your event app remain in your society app, even if they chose to uninstall the event-app of one specific event. This prompts the ability to grow your community beyond your events, which implies a growth of your memberships. Through in-app promotion with push messages and the continuous offering of value, such as full-papers, your app contributes to an increase in conference attendance as well.

Inside-out and outside-in
What follows from the above is an increase of engagement that comes with a society app. Aside from the inside-out communication through functionalities like push messages, a society app offers interactive features such as Chat, Rate & Vote. Through these, members can give their input and feedback. A society app therefore facilitates an active conversation between associations and their members.

Scientific dialogue
Not only does a society app offer more channels to your members, it offers them to industry sponsors as well, resulting in more possibilities to increase sponsor revenue. Considering the 2018 changes in ethical guidelines, associations are facing new challenges in offering event sponsors the interaction they deserve. A society app can help to move from a commercial message to a scientific dialogue.
Through parallel symposia and forums within your society app you cannot only offer sponsors this interaction during your events, but before and beyond them as well, while honouring the ethical guidelines.

Digital library
One of the perks of good event apps is that you can transform your abstract book to a digital version in your app. Making the abstracts and posters searchable, accessible and updatable. The world’s forests are grateful for it.
However, in an event app the access to this digital abstract book is limited in time, and to the visitors and app users of this single event. If you choose a society app, your abstract book turns into an association-wide digital library that can be constantly updated with additional content such as full papers, presentations, new posters etc. All members, also those who were not present at specific events, can now find the content that is relevant to them in the palm of their hands throughout the year and share it with their peers as well.

Breaking borders
With your society app operating as a promotional and navigation tool for all your events and activities, including courses and expert sessions, your communication efforts are no longer limited to the audiences of single events. At the same time your events are no longer limited by the borders of your event location. By facilitating peer to peer knowledge sharing, associations can turn their single events into world congresses and promote their knowledge to an international audience, no longer limited by location and time.

Overall it’s time for associations to reinvent themselves. A society app can be your game changer.

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