As of now, people spend more digital media time on mobile (51%) compared to desktop (42%) and 89% of their time spent on mobile media is through mobile apps*. It’s therefore no longer a question of whether mobile trends are important to events. The event industry does have mixed feelings about the mobile trend with some claiming it distracts attendees. The fact however is that mobile is here to stay so it’s best to look at the benefits that the mobile revolution can offer to your event and organisation.

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Next level event

In the current online age, the reason for the existence of conferences is regularly challenged with arguments of their one-sided communication, uninspiring lectures, and time-consuming attendance. Why go there if you can find the same information online? Seeing conferences as unique meetings of minds and concentrated points of knowledge exchange continues to prove their relevance but it is necessary to move your events to the next level. And that level, for an increasing part, happens to be mobile.

By incorporating mobile in your event through a dedicated conference app you answer to the demand of constant accessibility and the fear of missing out by literally being there at the tip of that finger. An app makes your content more accessible, breaking the limitations of time and place. This constant access also increases the lifespan of your conference content by offering delegates the opportunity to easily review their learnings, favorite abstracts, and marked sessions beyond your event.

Interaction made easy

The success of your conference depends on the impact it has on your attendees. Did they gather new insights, meet the people that help advance their knowledge? The challenge for every organizer, therefore, is to engage the delegates with the content that is offered and to facilitate people to connect with each other on their points of interest. While the focus on a little screen seems to contradict these goals it can actually prove to be a great tool to enhance them.

Through the interactive functions of conference apps such as Q&A, LIVE voting, or polling, your presenters can invite their audience to actively participate in a discussion during their presentation. Through the chat options, it is much easier for your delegates to get in contact with each other, making it possible to exchange views both at your event and beyond. This benefit is especially valuable for new professionals, offering them a platform to profile themselves and easily come into contact with inspiring peers.

Reduce waste

Printing costs can be a burden, especially looking at the number of print materials that end up in a bin. An app can digitalise a lot of your printed materials such as announcements, instruction guides, and, if the mobile trends succeed, even totally exchanging your print programme for a digital one. A digital programme comes with additional benefits such as the possibility to make last-minute changes, let delegates build their personal programming based on interests, and the possibility to put a focus on programme sections through announcements and push notifications.

Overall the mobile revolution should be seen as a chance rather than a threat, offering a great and uniquely direct communication platform to increase the impact and lifespan of your events.

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