With a growing number of interactive options in conference apps, it is important to know which benefits these features can offer to your delegates and organization. Employing features such as LIVE voting, Q&A, Rating, and Chat, can actually prove to be a great tool for increasing your event’s impact, ROI, and the lifecycle of your app.

When investing in a conference app for your event or society it is good to consider which features can offer you benefits that reach beyond your event. For example, by assisting you in allocating your event budget for speakers and offering value to your event sponsors and presenters.

Benefits that increase the impact

A good app offers your delegates the option to rate your event, a great app lets them rate sessions, presentations, and speakers as well. Not only does a rating feature function as a tool to make an impact on your event data found, but it can also serve to show the actual value of your investment in different speakers. How were they received? Could it be interesting to invite them to other events as well or feature them in your journal?

Chat/ Topical discussions
A chat function based on the professional profiles of your members offers them a great benefit and a convenient way to come and keep in contact with peers and professionals. Not only during your event but before and afterward as well. The next step distinguishes good apps, which enable networking, from great apps that facilitate topical discussions about a session or presentation, offering in-app availability of relevant abstracts. It’s a good idea to let your key speaker host a topical session and invite delegates who visited the session or whose profiles indicate they have an interest in the discussed topic. In that way, the presentation stays alive and your investment in the speaker reaches beyond his or her single presentation. Invite your sponsors to host topical discussions as well!

LIVE Q&A & voting
When developing your conference program the selection of relevant abstracts depends on their reflection of the high-quality knowledge you wish to share. It is this quality that attracts industry sponsors and participants to your event. On the other hand, the decision of researchers and professionals to invest in participation in your event is also founded on the impact they wish to generate.
By making your sessions interactive with LIVE in-app voting and Q&A sessions, you offer your presenters and your sponsors a great tool to get feedback from top professionals on their research or products. By simply presenting different statements during a session you can generate a professional discussion, offering great value to all.

Overall the use of different interactive features, combined with app features such as personal profiling and programming, can increase the use of your app and turn it into a direct communication platform that assists you in building your mobile community. By doing so your investment can develop itself from one that is limited by one event and time into one that keeps its value 365 days a year. Given the current development in mobile communication, there is no time to waste, let’s start building your mobile community now!

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