Having a well-established network is an important part of our lives and one of the main reasons why professionals attend conferences. For just a few days, experts from all around the world come together and create a unique opportunity to make connections that wouldn’t have been possible before. At Conference Compass, it is part of our vision to enable and build powerful connections, so we added some great new features* to our apps to make the networking around events and conferences even easier.


Users who log into the app can now add other attendees of the event as contacts. These contacts will then appear in a dedicated, searchable contact list within the side menu of the app. We also extended the personal profiles. Now, you can share even more information about yourself and your career:

  • A bio
  • Your country
  • Links to personal websites
  • Your social media profiles
  • Detailed contact information that is only visible to Contacts

Good to know: Your profile and contact list are connected to your personal account, so you can grow your contact list beyond a single event.


Once added to your contact list, you can also schedule events and meet-ups with your contacts during the conference. These appointments can be made through the chat function of your app. Simply press the calendar symbol and enter the title and timeframe of your appointment. Optionally, you can choose a location from the floor plan, enter your own location and add a description. The invited person can then accept (or decline) the appointment. You can also see all your meetings in the “My Program” section of your app or within the chat with the invited attendee and edit, delete, or add the appointment to your device calendar.

If you have any questions about our latest features or would like us to show you them to you in a personal demonstration, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we are looking forward to hearing from you.