2 months ago, we introduced a new set of features that made it easier for attendees to network, meet up, and stay connected throughout the year. To make these networking features even more effective, our developers connected them with another powerful tool: Push notifications. Now, your attendees will never miss a new contact, meeting, or chat message again*. Here’s how it works.

New to push notifications?

Push notifications are simple, text-based messages that pop up on your attendees’ mobile devices at any time;  they don’t even have to use their phones to receive themIf used well, these notifications will help you to achieve excitement and engagement: Studies have shown that users who receive a push notification within the first 90 days after their first app open have 3x higher retention rates than those who do not

With the latest version of our app, your attendees will not only receive news and messages but also be automatically notified about the following social activities:

Chat: Attendees will be informed when they have a new message within their chat.


Contacts: If another attendee sends a contact request or accepts a pending request, he or she will receive a push notification.


Appointments: Invitations as well as updates to scheduled appointments will be sent as push messages when the attendee’s app is not open.

Starting today, this feature is available for all our apps. Are you interested to learn more or would you like us to show you this feature personally? Then contact us for a free, personalised demonstration or to ask us your questions!