No attendees? No sponsors? No revenue?

The implementation of the updated Medtech code is near. Health-care companies, professionals, and associations have to brace themselves for a change! Medtech Europe represents the medical technology industry in Europe. It is an alliance of the two leading medical technology industry associations, EUCOMED and EDMA. Changes in the code are expected to greatly impact medical conferences. Our Sales Executive Remco Kraai had a look at the consequences and provides you with a comprehensive list of helpful resources from our blog.

 A drop in conference attendances
Professionals who are not allowed to get sponsored anymore are forced to reduce their conference spending. While some will be more selective when choosing events to attend, others might decide to not visit the conference at all.

  • Know what your members seek
    Read between the lines of past event data and find trends in the behaviour of your attendees. Which sessions were well visited? Which speaker got the highest ratings? Plan your next conference around their preferences. Learn how to turn your data into knowledge here.
  • Provide more value for attendees
    Think about ways to enhance the conference experience for attendees. This could be a personalisable programme or interactive presentations. Small extras can turn a doubting member into an engaged attendee! Discover 5 features that increase your value here.
  • Make your conference accessible to all members
    Some members will not be able to attend your conference. Provide them with recorded sessions, posters, abstracts and news. They might like what they see/read and join your next event. Learn how to create your own e-learning portal for your members here.

Difficulties for sponsors
Fewer attendants convert into a smaller audience for sponsoring companies. Conventional event sponsorship might become less profitable and attractive for the industry. Sponsors will be seeking for more innovative ways to interact with the professionals.

  • Give sponsors the deserved attention
    Help your sponsors navigate more attendees to their sessions and stands. Announce sessions with push-notifications or inform delegates about nearby booths via beacons. Learn how to provide more value for your sponsors here.
  • Scientific dialogues rather than commercial messages
    Enable sponsors to interact with interested professionals in topical discussions. The chats allow sponsors and attendees to communicate and establish a year-round connection. Our CEO Jelmer and Marketing Manager Annabelle explain you the steps in detail here.

Loss of revenue for associations
Allow yourself to think about the worst-case scenario. A lack of sponsor and attendees will have a major impact on your association’s revenue. Think ahead and prepare strategies to save budget and attract new attendees.

  • Attract new generations of members
    With the expected attendance drop, think about the future attendees of your congresses: Millennials. Many associations experience difficulties in attracting millennials to their membership rolls. If you understand their needs you will find loyal members in them. Read how to attract millennials here.
  • Cut your conference spending
    Annual conferences and big events can be time and cost intensive. Consider moving to more sustainable and efficient ways to organise your conference, like event apps. You will not only save money but create a better event experience for your attendees. Learn how to save money with an event app here.

Until the update becomes active, no expert or association can predict the extent of the impact of these changes. Associations have to be ready to adapt to the changes and willing to cater to the needs of their members. Conference Compass is a trusted partner of many associations. We provide high-quality app solutions to master the upcoming challenges. Our Event and Society apps support you in continually engaging attendees and sponsors and providing value beyond your conference.

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