With large amounts of event data and extensive event programmes, the accurate import and organisation of these into your app is of great importance. Feedback from scientific and medical conferences tells us that this data process can prove to be challenging and is at times even a source of frustration. Therefore, we zoomed-in on this challenge and offer some solutions.


Scientific and medical congresses are known for their large scientific programmes and data, such as abstracts, sessions, posters, and authors. On top of that, most of these programme items are interconnected and hold different roles. For example, a person could be the speaker of a session, the (co-)author of multiple abstracts, and function as a chairperson for a different session at the same time. Just passing to connect the different items would undermine the usability of your app and could poorly reflect on the overall quality of your scientific programme.


1. Analyze your programme
When aiming to conquer this challenge, the first thing to look at is the organisation of your data: Analyse-it to identify links that are important to implement and organise your data accordingly. Then, define pathways that you want your attendees to follow in your app. While doing this, it is important to take the perspective of your attendees. Your app should work intuitively and offer them logical links. Let’s take the Cardiologist Laura as an example. She attended a panel discussion at a Cardiology Congress and is interested in the approach of one particular speaker, Mr. Cowie. After the discussion, she would like to read an abstract by Mr. Cowie and know if he is presenting any more sessions later that day. So, make sure to link Mr. Cowie’s speaker profile to the panel discussion and connect his profile to all his sessions, posters, and abstracts.

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2. Choose the right features
Secondly, your app supplier should be your partner in this with their products, service, and expertise. Their products should offer the features that you need to accurately represent a broad, scientific event programme, like the options to divide your programme into different tracks and topical pathways or to make programme items searchable on different levels. For example, could Laura search for ‘Heart failure’ in your app and immediately see all sessions, presentations, and documents that are connected to this topic? If so, it seems like your app supplier understands your needs well and will be able to advise you accordingly.

Searching within the Event App


3. Import your data
Importing your event data into your app is the next step. The use of a conference and/or abstract management software is already a great help if you are organising a big conference, but it comes especially in handy if you choose for an app supplier that offers so-called channels. Channels are custom created connections to your conference or abstract management software and will automatically translate and import your event data into the app. If a channel is no option, ask your app supplier to assist: Quality suppliers offer their clients templates (e.g. Excel) that provide you with the framework and guidance to accurately organise and smoothly import your event data.


The tool that makes the difference from a good app solution to a great one is found in the backend of your app: A powerful CMS with an integrated data editor that lets you easily import, access, adjust and add data on different levels of your in-app event programme. Our Society and Event apps cater to the specific needs of medical and scientific conferences and associations. They are powered by a strong CMS that puts you in control and enables you to easily add, link, and change information on all levels of the programme. Also, we provide you with a great data editor and templates that help you to import your data while following the best structure for your app. If you want to make your life easy, connect our CMS to your conference and abstract software through channels.  Last but not least, we offer all clients the service of a dedicated Conference Compass Project Manager, who has extensive expertise in your field and advise you in defining and building an app structure that honours your event data and programmes best.