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66th Annual Meeting of ISE

4 – 9 Oct 2015Taipai, Taiwan

Scientific Scope
– New Directions in Analytical Chemistry
– Electrochemical Aspects of Biological Systems: Theory, Experiment and Applications
– Batteries for Tomorrow’s World
– Advances in Fuel Cells from Materials to Systems
– Novel Insights to Electrochemical Capacitors
– Electrodeposition
– Corrosion and Passivity
– Electrocatalytic Materials
– Electrochemical Technology: New Challenges for a More Competitive Economy
– New Important Frontiers in Molecular Electrochemistry
– Spectroscopic and Theoretical Studies of Electrified Electrochemical Interfaces
– Supramolecular Electrochemistry for Medicine and Biological Sciences
– Molecular Systems for Energy Conversion
– Modeling, Design and Characterization of Nanostructured and Multifunctional Materials
– Novel in Situ in Operando Methods
– New Progress in Electrochemical Solar Cells