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SPOT 2016

27-29 October 2016 | Porto, Portugal

The 36th National Congress, which will take place at the Customs Congress Centre in Porto, will theme “Infection arthroplasties ‘Roundtable’ Fractures of the distal radius,” the EFORT Forum “Advances in hip preserving surgery techniques” and other symposiums, exhibitions and sessions hosted by renown national and international experts.

We will also have the privilege of attending conferences and round tables in charge of high dignitaries SBOT, SOLP, AAOT, SECOT, SOFCOT and AAOS and relief of guests, from civil society.

The Subspecialty Day, in charge of Sections, Study Groups and Affiliates SPOT Societies held on the last day of the congress will allow physicians from other specialties and researchers to share their knowledge with new Portuguese orthopaedists in various areas of orthopaedics and traumatology.

The young specialists and orthopaedic internal organize the sessions of JESPOT and CISPOT.

The conference also features the honourable participation of Portuguese nurses and physiotherapists, in charge of AEPOT and APF.