Q&A sessions are part of most scientific and medical conferences these days, and widely popular amongst attendees. And that for a good reason: They give them the rare opportunity to ask questions directly to an expert and interact with the presentation content.

Yet, blindly choosing one attendee out of a big crowd has its pitfalls. While you as the organizer and the presenter can spend weeks preparing for a presentation, the Q&A session is largely out of your control. Questions can be random and or regarding subjects that are not interesting for a majority of the audience.  This is why an “Ask” feature in your event app can make a big difference. Here, attendees can submit questions from their seats via a mobile app and send them to the podium. A moderator will then see the submitted questions and can choose which ones are answered by the presenter. Not only will this put you back in control, it will also allow attendees that don’t like to speak in front of an audience to ask their questions.

To make your Q&A a success, our Head of Customer Success Management Clara shares 3 questions that you should ask yourself when using the Ask feature of your mobile app.

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