Successful promotion of your event app results in higher adoption rates, happier attendees, and a better ROI. However, if you want to effectively market your app, you have to be organized. Start by introducing and pushing your app’s advantages during your pre-promotion and registration process, and keep the benefit-driven communication going during and even after your event. Not only will you achieve a high adoption rate, but you’ll create an active and engaged audience of attendees and potential members. To make the promotion process as easy and fool-proof as possible, we want to share the App Marketing Checklist of our Marketing Kit with you.

At least 30 days before the event

☑️ Launch of your event app

☑️ Set up/receive download links, QR code, and app screenshots to promote the app

30 days before the event

☑️ Include a download link in the registration confirmation email.
If possible, also send a text message to the attendee’s mobile with the app download link after registration

☑️ Announce app on your social media channels

☑️ Set up a social media campaign in which you share app benefits (personal program, interactive features, etc.) at least twice a week.
If possible, promote the app with some budget!

☑️ Install a flashy banner on a website that is promoting the app

☑️ Include an app download link in your staff’s email signature

7 days before the event

☑️ Send an email with download instructions to all attendees, mentioning the benefits of the app

☑️ Use the app to inform the attendees about news, arrival instructions, or last-minute changes.
Make sure to use push notifications for important news only!

3 days before the event

☑️ Re-send this email to attendees that did not open the email

On the event

☑️ Print QR code on the badges

☑️ Train your staff and speakers about the use of the app and set up an app-help-desk

☑️ Include a slide with download instructions and the QR-code at the opening presentation

☑️ Print the app benefits on banners

☑️ Encourage your speakers to use interactive features in their presentations

☑️ Inform attendees about upcoming sessions, room changes, and other activities via push notifications

☑️ Encourage attendees to share event pictures on the app’s social wall

Within a week after the event

☑️ Ask your attendees for event feedback in-app

☑️ Promote your next event in the app
If possible, offer this event’s attendees/app users a discount

☑️ Share insights, pictures, and videos from the event


☑️ Upload continuous content and news
Don’t forget to inform your app users about the updates through a push notification, since they won’t check the app as regularly after the event

☑️ Find more information to promote your app year-round here


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