event app promotion

Successful promotion of your event app is key. Attendees who download the app will have an elevated event experience. And an organized promotion schedule will ensure that they are aware of the app’s benefits and how best to use it. So, we have put together a marketing checklist so that you can be right on track with creating the best event possible for everybody at the venue or online. For you as an organizer, having as many attendees as possible to use the app ensures event engagement and good ROI.

At least 30 days before the event

☑️ Launch of your event app

☑️ Set up/receive download links, QR codes, and app screenshots to promote the app

30 days before the event

☑️ Include a download link in the registration confirmation email.
If possible, also send a text message to the attendee’s mobile with the app download link after registration

☑️ Announce the app on your social media channels

☑️ Set up a social media campaign in which you share app benefits (personal program, interactive features, etc.) at least twice a week.
If possible, promote the app with some budget!

☑️ Install a flashy banner on a website that is promoting the app

☑️ Include an app download link in your staff’s email signature

7 days before the event

☑️ Make use of the invite functionality and include detailed download instructions.

☑️ Use the app to inform the attendees about news, arrival instructions, or last-minute changes.
Make sure to use push notifications for important news only!

3 days before the event

☑️ Re-send this email to attendees that did not open the email

On the event

☑️ Train your staff and speakers about the use of the app and set up an app-help-desk

☑️ Include a slide with download instructions and the QR code at the opening presentation

☑️ Print the app benefits on banners

☑️ Encourage your speakers to use interactive features in their presentations

☑️ Inform attendees about upcoming sessions, room changes, and other activities via push notifications

☑️ Encourage attendees to share event pictures on the app’s social wall

Within a week after the event

☑️ Ask your attendees for event feedback in-app

☑️ Promote your next event in the app
If possible, offer this event’s attendees/app users a discount

☑️ Share insights, pictures, and videos from the event


☑️ Upload continuous content and news
Don’t forget to inform your app users about the updates through a push notification, since they won’t check the app as regularly after the event

☑️ Find more information to promote your app year-round here


Interested in more tips to ace your app adoption? Have you seen our App Marketing Templates yet? Contact us!

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.