Messages are the perfect way to keep your attendees in the know about your organisation. You can use them to announce event updates or to share your latest news. But how can you post urgent information like time changes or deadlines without running a risk to clutter the app’s newsfeed? The solution: expiration dates. Our latest feature within the message scheduler allows you to keep the right focus by showing messages only while they are relevant. Here is how:

Many event organizers use messages (and push notifications) to guide their attendees through the conference days. From welcoming words to session announcements, this direct communication channel to all attendees is of great value. Yet, our clients noticed that some conference news that is important on one day might not be relevant on the next. It can be quite the opposite: What happens if your once valuable messages make your newsfeed feel cluttered?

With our latest app version, you can pre-set the times in which your message will be shown. The app will then automatically send your message at the scheduled time and remove it from the app when it is no longer important – leaving your app clear at all times.

If you have any questions about this new feature, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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