Did you know that every time an attendee creates a personal profile, asks the speaker a question via your app, or votes during a presentation, Eureka is involved? The Eureka platform is the driving motivation behind the social and interactive features of our apps and empowers speakers, attendees, and event organizers. Since we recently re-designed Eureka, some things might look or feel a little different, so we invite both Conference Compass veterans and newbies to have a look at our intro:

What is Eureka?

Our Eureka platform serves not only you as the event organizer but also your speakers and attendees. Here, you can invite speakers or members of your team to create and moderate their own interactive sessions, e.g. with a survey, vote, or Q&A. Next to that, you can assign individuals to moderate the social wall or session chats within your app. App users can log into Eureka to access or edit their personal profiles.

screenshots of Eureka sign in screen and start screen

The start page welcomes you with a quick overview of your event roles.

One-stop for all your events

Having a Eureka account will allow your attendees to join the networking and chats, take part in votings and Q&As, and synchronize their personal agenda and notes across different devices. Attendees can quickly create an account when first using a Conference Compass event app or online at get.eureka.com. Personal profiles can be equipped with information about the user, profile images, links to social media channels, and other contact information. At all times, privacy and data security are our priority. Each user can decide if he or she wants to be visible within the app or what data should be shared with other attendees. To learn more about privacy when using Eureka, read our Privacy Policy.

Smart design for great presentations

The re-designed controls make it easier than ever before to host your own interactive session. Once assigned as a moderator, your speakers can log into Eureka and start to create! Our platform gives them the possibility to quickly prepare questions, plan their presentations, send web-vote links to the audience, set voting times, and share live results.

screenshot of Eureka vote page

Create your voting in just a few minutes…

screenshot of voting result screen and of the presentation options screen

… and present the results live during your presentation.

In line with your event branding

The latest addition to our Eureka features is the presentation branding: from now on, you can add your organization’s or event’s branding to every presentation by setting colors and adding a logo to the presentation design.

screenshot of presentation and of the presentation branding options pages

Adjust your presentation’s design to match your event.

If you have any questions about this new feature, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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