You asked and we listened. Our developers are constantly working on innovating the Conference Compass event platform to make sure it responds to every client’s need. The summer holidays might be reaching the end, but the new event season is right around the corner. We come out with a long list of features and updates*, to ensure that we are well prepared and ready to go. 🚀

Projector view

event platform projector view

We added a projector view for the on-site audience in hybrid events. The view includes the slides, the speaker video, the Q&A, and the Vote when enabled. It is similar to the attendee dashboard, but it doesn’t show the sponsor banner, chat, and attendee list, providing a clear overview.

On-demand poster room

event platform on-demand poster room

We have created a virtual on-demand poster room, to recreate the experience of a physical one. Attendees can view the poster or slides while listening to an audio description. They can simultaneously chat with other attendees and hosts as well. Finally, the host can either upload a video introduction or film one through the platform itself.

Page branding

event platform page branding

We offer a white-label event platform for our clients. This means that they can customise the app to fit their own branding. It is now possible to add a branding banner on many pages in the web app, such as the daily programme, lists, and more.

Remove people from a panel discussion

Moderators can now turn off the camera of fellow moderators and speakers. When in panel mode, all speakers and moderators that have their camera or mic on are shown on screen. Sometimes users will turn on their camera or mic and unintentionally join the panel. When this happens, moderators can simply turn the camera and mic off and the speaker is removed from the panel. No need to interrupt the session! Please note that they cannot turn the camera back on, just like they cannot unmute someone else.

Hide the number of votes for the audience

You can now choose whether to show the percentages for a voting poll or the number of votes that have been cast. This applies to both virtual and non-virtual sessions.

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*For further information on bug fixes and other minor updates, you can go to our knowledge base for detailed release notes.