Rtmp streaming and QR code

At Conference Compass we are very excited for the upcoming year. The news of the Omicron COVID-19 variant led to a rocky start for the event industry, but we believe everybody will be back on track before we know it!

The constantly changing situation with the pandemic means that we are expecting a whole range of events in 2022 – a virtual, hybrid, and in-person. With some events expecting up to 15,000 attendees, we want to develop our Web app and Mobile app to suit all our clients’ needs. Our team has been hard at work tweaking the platform but has also been developing some incredible new features.

Let’s see what they are!

RTMP stream

Our Web app now supports RTMP streams which maintain persistent connections and allow low-latency communication. You can add the live stream to the moderator dashboard the same way that you upload a video. Afterward, simply select the RTMP stream as the active stream within your session. Online attendees at your hybrid event will now see everything that the on-site audience sees, in real-time.

Rtmp streaming and QR code

QR Code Deep Links

Our Mobile app now supports deep links that are scanned from a QR code. The links can then open a page or object in the app. For example, at an on-site poster presentation, there can be a physical QR code in the room for attendees to scan. When they scan the QR code, the poster for this presentation will open up in the Mobile app.  If the app has not been installed, the user will be redirected to the App or Play store, where they can download the app.

Rtmp streaming and QR code


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