From our Sales Executive Remco Kraai:
Conference Compass Remco Kraai how to turn your congress app in a society lifesaverAs a society your conferences and seminars are a key element in facilitating knowledge sharing amongst your members. Considering the current and eminent changes, in both communication channels as well as in the ethical business guidelines for conferences, a congress app can prove to be essential for the successful continuation of your efforts in facilitating learning opportunities for your society members.

How to improve your ROI beyond your congress
As a society you are always looking for ways to provide added value to your members. Facilitating a meeting of minds by ways of a conference is a great asset. The use of a conference app can greatly benefit your delegates, assisting them in efficiently orientating themselves in the opportunities that your events offer. Making sure they find and attend the sessions and presentations that most suit their goals and by doing so making a visit to your congress all the more worthwhile. The question to ask when considering the use of an event app however, is how can the use of a congress app bring even more value to you as a society before, during and beyond your event as well?

Knowledge sharing platform
The answer is to be found at the heart of your society; the pledge to share knowledge and facilitate your members in continuously educating themselves for a further improvement of their skills. The society app you work with should honour this goal, making the sharing of knowledge accessible, transparent and complete. Providing your final programme in depth from session to abstracts and thus functioning as a digital library. But your congress app should also encourage and facilitate the meeting of minds. Functioning as a communication platform between you and your members and between your members and the industry.

Challenges with new ethical guidelines
Given the fact that mobile search for knowledge is ever growing, your communication efforts need to cater to this trend. A society or congress app can prove to ultimately be your preferred member engagement platform. Offering you great opportunities to build a strong mobile community that can be easily contacted with relevant information beyond your event. A great feature to incorporate is the support of your course program. With continuous information possibilities to your course participants and prospects. Furthermore, given the changes in opportunities for direct and indirect sponsoring of your conferences, your society app can offer great value to your current and future sponsors as well. Providing multiple options for high quality interaction with your members, that honour the upcoming change in ethical guidelines. Examples such as industry sponsored topical discussions through your app are worth looking into.

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