Customer experience and satisfaction are our priorities.

We have a passion for knowledge, aiming to share it in the most convenient way: event platforms.

Initially built for conferences in the medical industry, our solution has expanded its offerings to appeal to event organizers from all industries. We have continually proven to be an industry leader in the following ways:

Offering apps that function as true knowledge sharing platforms in the hands of your delegates
Offering apps that increase the engagement of your delegates with your organisation
Offering a communication platform that functions both before and during but beyond your event as well
people working at the Conference Compass office
people working at the Conference Compass office

We see events as empowering gatherings of like-minded people

We believe in making content come alive. We aim to empower delegates to make valuable connections and offer them the convenience to do so with a tap of their finger. We are the pioneers in the event apps industry and understand the needs of our clients; creating the perfect mobile and web apps for them is our prime focus.

contact: two people looking at a mobile phone at the Conference Compass office

We are small but amazingly diverse

Our team consists of passionate and skilled professionals who enjoy working together in an open and collaborative way. Together, we represent various nationalities. This always makes for interesting conversations and a rich cultural environment.

Meet our team

Jelmer van Ast

CEO & Founder

Bjarni Gunnarsson


Sjoerd Bakx

Sales Manager

Inês Lima

Chief of Customer Success

Alberto Peris Clemente

Sales Executive

Thomas Denicolai

Sales Executive

Nia Alexieva

Marketing Manager

Alice Sommer

Graphic Designer

Milla Rasanen

Customer Success Manager

Anouck Pijpstra

Customer Success Manager

Xavier Vilbois

Customer Success Manager

Carola Gioco

Customer Success Manager

Lara Donnelly

Assistant Customer Success Manager

Daniel Osin

Assistant Customer Success Manager

Annette Voesenek

Software Engineer

Sander van Leengoed

Software Engineer

Yiannis Tsirikoglou

Software Engineer

Andrei Lugovskoi

Software Engineer

Rares Cioroga

Software Engineer

Clara Lluch

Human Resources Manager

Judith Zuijdervliet

Administration Executive

Geert van Etten


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