The key to unlocking the full potential of your event

All information is a click away

The phone is the central hub of information for most individuals in today’s world. An app allows your audience to conveniently and quickly find all information they need in no time. If it’s not there, they won’t look further.

Instant connection with your audience

A mobile app established a direct line of communication with your audience, the way an email never could. Any change, reminder or update will pop up on their screen and they will be immediately informed.

Personalised experience for each attendee

The power of mobile apps lies in their ability to be personalised. Every attendee can use the app in the way that serves them best. Personal agendas, live interaction and instant communication – all in one place.

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Discover the power of a white-label application

The mobile app is the natural extension of your organisation. Users can be familiar with the look and feel of the interface, even if it’s their first time using it. Learn more about the importance and benefits of having a white-label app.

Custom event app: a white-label solution

Before the event

Create a personal agenda

Attendees can go over the event schedule and session descriptions. They can filter, bookmark and create notes according to their interests. This ensures they will make the most out of their event.

Pre-event networking

Travel and logistics

During the event

Live interactions and engagement

Attendees can engage with the event by participating in live polls and Q&A sessions through the app.

Interactive floor maps

Creating active connections

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  • Unite your online and in-person audiences around an interactive programme
  • Increase interaction between attendees, speakers and sponsors
  • Capture actionable real-time analytics

“Conference Compass really took the time to understand our needs and those of our delegates and sponsors, as a result we have an app that genuinely enhances our business.”

Nigel Clear, Director of Conferences Elsevier

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