If you are organising an event, you need an event app. This much we know is true. But it is a custom event app that will serve you best. Before, during, and after your event: it contains all information, provides opportunities for engagement, and acts as the main communication tool between you and your attendees. It is there from start to finish, and you can use it long after the event is over. Therefore, your event app must be a natural extension of your branding. Our white-label event platform achieves that. This is how ⬇️

custom event platform timetable

🔎 Custom event apps are easy to find and serve you year-round

Finding and downloading your event app should be effortless. A simple search of your organisation’s name or event leads the user to your app. A customisable event app means that the app can have the name of your event and organisation. Audiences of all demographics will have no issue finding it. Finally, when you have a custom event app, it will serve you not only during the event but also year-round. Engage your audience during the year, place future events on the platform, and much more.

custom event platform home screen

👩‍💻 Customisable app = unique and unified look

A white-label app solution means you have control over all its elements. From the sign-in screen background to the colours that the app uses, the look of the tiles on the title screen and so much more – your branding can be everywhere. Consistent branding across different media (app, website, brochures, etc.) creates an intuitive user experience.

custom event platform exhibitor booth

💸 Exhibitor benefits

Exhibitors benefit the most from consistent opportunities for event branding. A custom event app means there are countless ways to introduce company branding. With our event platform, you can create fully customisable exhibitor booths. Finally, there are a lot of spaces on the platform offering sponsor banners.

An event app has become the industry standard. Stand out by showcasing your organisation’s identity and creating a memorable impression on your audience with a custom event app. Sign up for our newsletter and get in touch for more information!