Our vision

Make bright people brighter

Make the content of your event come alive.
Build powerful connections.
Engage with your delegates.
Share knowledge.
At Conference Compass we have a passion for knowledge, aiming to share it in the most convenient way possible; mobile apps. So if knowledge sharing is at the core of your event, we offer the best app solution. We provide powerful event and society apps to keep attendees and organisers fully informed and engaged 365 days a year. We were founded in 2011 and have continually proven to be an industry leader for high quality mobile apps in the following ways:
Offering apps that function as true knowledge sharing platforms in the hands of your delegates
Offering apps that increase the engagement of your delegates with your organisation
Offering a communication platform that functions both before and during but beyond your event as well
We see events as truly empowering gatherings of like-minded people who aim to learn about the latest developments, to meet new people and existing acquaintances. We believe in making content, which drives conferences, come alive. We aim to empower delegates to make valuable connections and offer them the convenience to do so with a tap of their finger. We are the pioneers in the event apps industry and understanding the needs of our clients and creating the perfect app for them is our prime focus.
Our clients are the largest medical and scientific societies in Europe who value our specialisation in their field and our commitment to offering our clients not only the best possible app but a truly engaging user experience as well.

Together with our clients we aim to

Make bright people brighter.