The efficient allocation of event budget is a constant challenge for event organizers: Even though event budgets are expected to remain steady or even rise in the coming 12 months, more than 60% of event professionals name budgeting as their biggest challenge in 2018.¹  While the implementation of an event app is a must-have these days, the choice of the right app can make all the difference! Why see your event app as an ad-hoc expense when it could be a long-term revenue generator? Our CEO Jelmer van Ast shares 3 ways in which event apps will generate an event budget.

Do you take advantage of all app features that can generate a budget and increase your revenue? Event apps not only empower your attendees, but they can also assist you when employed to their full potential. Start by mapping the specific needs of your organization and then check how they match the opportunities and features provided by your app supplier.

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