With many in-app opportunities that offer exposure, interaction and insights to your sponsors, it is crucial to know which features offer which benefits to them. By doing so, you can include the right options in your sponsor packages and generate additional revenue for your event. Our head of project management Clara Lluch shares 5 essential tips for an efficient in-app sponsor promotion.

1. Add in-app sponsor opportunities to your sponsor packages

Given last year’s changes in ethical regulations that limit the medical event sponsorship, the inclusion of in-app promotion can be critical for attracting industry sponsors. A conference app offers many features that let your sponsors connect with the attendees while honoring the new guidelines. To further improve the impact of your app, I advise you to consider a  year-round Society app over a single event app. This offers your organization and sponsors a direct, year-round communication channel, as well as a central source for information and news.

2. Use the full profile

Yes, event apps offer sponsors many ways to achieve additional exposure, varying from inclusions in the welcome screens to highlighted listings. So make sure to show your sponsor the whole range of options, but also encourage them to optimize their industry page with the use of slideshows, abstracts, posters, contact information, active website links, buttons, etc. Detailed information about the industry page and its optimization can be found within our new Sponsor Brochure. Contact us to receive your copy.

3. Let them communicate

The true value of your sponsors should be the knowledge they contribute, so facilitate the exchange of it! Encourage them to host educational sessions and start topical discussions. Push notifications are a great way to promote the educational sessions and the in-app chat of your app could be a starting point to establish a more personal communication. To sustain a great app user experience,  remind your sponsors to stay away from commercial messages but to focus on messages with scientific relevance.

4. Deep linking

In order to let promotions such as ad carousels or push notifications have a direct impact, I advise you to link them to relevant content within the app. This could be a session, poster, or industry page. Don’t stop here: Additionally, you can link the profiles of your sponsors to their social media pages, online white papers, and websites, which can be visited directly within the app!

5. Expert program

In the end, it is crucial for your sponsors to evolve from one-way communication to a dialogue with your attendees. Even though they cannot be included in the scientific program any longer, it is important to still highlight their educational offerings through a parallel symposium, where they have room to offer and highlight their industry sessions, white papers, and topical discussions.

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