The rating feature in event apps often does not receive the credit it deserves. Our Project Manager Hasmig Momdjian gives 5 tips to make its use benefit your event and association.

5 reasons to love rating


1. Support your award program

At most conferences, there is some sort of award ceremony honoring the best presentations and posters of the event. By employing the rate feature and promoting it, chances are you are about to receive many more reactions from your delegates than by using a traditional form.

2. Get handy insights

The rating feature can serve as the simplified version of a quality survey of your program content. Given the fact that the rating feature is anonymous and easy to use, you can easily get a higher number of reactions and live insights into the way sessions, presentations, and presenters are appreciated by your delegates. This also supports you in booking the sought-after presenters for your next events.

3. Show appreciation

In this day and age, one-way communication is a no-go. By offering your delegates the opportunity to share their opinion through a rating feature, they not only feel more engaged with your event, but they feel more appreciated as well.

4. Save budget

The rating feature is valued for its simple installation and use. Making it a very low energy, high output feature. By offering an in-app rating on different levels of your program, you can save yourself the investment in staff and tools for taking satisfaction surveys. The rating feature can, therefore, save you time and money.

5. Get and give feedback

The live insights available in your app analytics not only get you the attendee feedback you are looking for. They also enable you to give important feedback to event sponsors, exhibitors, and presenters. This lets them benefit from the knowledge you collected during your event as well. You can even employ it on the satellite symposia from your sponsors, offering them a simple and clear customer survey.

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