market your organisation

The value of your event app does not stop at the incorporation of the content of your event, but also lies in the options it offers for the marketing of your organization. Your event app houses several features that offer great promotional options and our UX designer Annette Voesenek gives 5 tips to use them optimally.

1. Twinning is Winning

Recognition of your organization’s branding should not be underestimated. Your members will have a better user experience if your app reflects the branding of your other channels, such as your website and journals. So when choosing an event app, make sure to get a customizable one, using your colors, artwork, and menu set-up.

2. Get them at hello

One of the great features of event apps is the welcoming carousel that is displayed upon the opening of the app. Apart from welcoming your user and offering exposure to a key sponsor, do use it to promote your activities and future events.

3. Full circle information

It might seem obvious, but make sure to complete your organization’s profile or information page in your app. Start by including a button for your organization in your home menu. Use your pages to share your mission statement and promote your activities by means of a slideshow. Include in-app links to your websites and other media. Place a feed of your most used social media channel and place buttons to contact you via in-app chat, mail, or phone.

4. Include your news

It’s great to have a news button that leads to in-app links to your newsletter, press releases, and updates. An in-app link to your journal is a must-do as well.

5. Use your push notifications

Push notifications are great to highlight important event elements, such as your keynote address and sponsor sessions. They can be put to use for the marketing of your organization as well. Highlight upcoming activities, invite users for in-app dialogue through topical chats, and ask for feedback by highlighting in-app evaluations.

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