Associations face the challenge of turning the ad hoc interest in their association during the yearly event, into constant communication with their members 365 days a year. The step from a single event app to a society app can assist greatly and our Sales Executive Remco Kraai gives 5 practical examples that help you turn year-round.

1. All-in-one

Event organizers and associations most often only employ an event app for their yearly conference. By moving to an event app you have a tool that can incorporate all your events, seminars, courses, and more. List them! The listing of all your activities gives you the possibility to showcase them across all users. This means that you can both promote your courses and smaller seminars to the visitors of your yearly congress, as well as market your yearly congress to the attendees of your courses and other small events.

2. Publish centrally

Aside from incorporating all your events, you can also incorporate all your media outings. Use a tile that leads to your Journal, insert a social media feed, and upload your newsletter. This makes sure that your app is always up to date with new content for your members and users to enjoy.

3. Highlight hidden gems

A prominent listing of your main communication channels and news in your Event App is a great first move. Now it is time to start showcasing your hidden gems. Usually quite hidden on websites, there is valuable content, such as the president’s bulletins, that deserves a place in the spotlight. To make your app dynamic it is a great idea to utilize a tile on society level that interchanges between these hidden gems. By doing so you are constantly giving your users a reason to come back to your app.

4. Connect your users

By employing the chat function of your app in the form of topical discussions, you can stimulate your app users to get into contact with each other. By offering regular new topics to discuss, you keep the conversation alive. Do participate in the topical discussion yourself and regularly ask your members and users for feedback on issues that matter to your society. In this way, you maintain a healthy balance between inside-out and outside-in communication.

5. Marcom it is

In the end, your society app, not only functions as communication but also as a marketing channel. By using in-app analytics to find out which app elements are appreciated and which subjects best relate to your target group, you have a powerful marketing tool. One that literally sits in the hand of your members and constantly informs and activates your target group.

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