An event app is a great communication tool for event organisers and associations. The quality of the app depends on a good usability experience, which in turn depends greatly on the organisation of both the app content and the way in which communication tools are organised. While good app providers will assist in the correct in-app organisation, there are some things you can do yourself as well. Our Software Engineer Sander van der Burg gives 5 tips for great in-app communication.

5 tips to get communicative


1. Start with your structure

Before you can generate good communication about your event’s content, there has to be content to communicate about. The way in which this content is structured is of high importance for the way it is received and used. So before you employ your app, start structuring your data and make sure you honor one global structure for everything. Take notice of sessions or presentations that you would like to highlight and organise your data in such a way that it includes these highlights in a logical way for your users to find them. If this sounds a bit technical, no worries, your app provider normally will provide a number of flexible data integration solutions and is there to advise you as well. Taking some time to consider a good structure of your content is very important though.

2. Be Iconic

The icons of your app should clearly communicate the feature or programme element they link to. So, if possible, use the same or very similar icons as used in your other communication channels, such as your website, newsletter, and social media. Great app providers give you the option to employ custom icons. Use that option, your users will thank you for it.

3. Push those buttons

After icons come buttons. To engage in communication, do employ buttons that directly lead to communication features such as chat. Make sure to place buttons on different levels, so you can foster both general, as well as focussed topical discussions. For example, place one button in your information page, to directly contact you, but also place one on the presentation level, so that attendees can talk to each other about the presentation they are in or just attended.

4. Practical Push Notifications

Push notifications are strong tools but, because of their “pushy” character, you should employ them wisely. Therefore, firstly reserve them for practical information, which importance is evident to its receivers. Not sure if something is deserving of a push notification? Think practical; Is this message of practical importance to my attendees? In order to make this communication channel work even better, make sure to link the content of the push messages to the app content it relates to. In this way, you not only inform but also activate your users. As not all information is deserving of a push notification per se but can be very valuable, it is great to employ tiles for content such as background information and general news.

5. Let your sponsors do some talking

Event apps incorporate a number of great sponsor features, offering your industry valuable exposure. But it’s time to move beyond that. Your industry is not just looking for exposure but has valuable knowledge that they would like to share, aiming for scientific dialogue. By linking sponsor features, such as your ad-carrousel, to either a sponsor profile that has a communication button or to a sponsored session that they can join, you are assisting that dialogue directly.

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