in-app communication

An event app is your communication channel, not only with the attendees but with everybody involved in the event. Our app provides an excellent structure for in-app communication, but there are some steps that you can take on as an organiser to ensure the best experience for all. We give you four tips for effective in-app communication.

Structure your content

Ask yourself this: what is it that I want to communicate? Are there specific sessions people should attend, stands which they should visit, and locations that need to be announced: for food, rest, etc.? Prepare a good overview – who are you informing (attendees, speakers, exhibitors?) and what information they need. When you use our platform, we provide flexible data integration solutions that make this step easy.

Be iconic

App icons clearly communicate the feature or program elements they link to. Our app is white-label, which means that you can customise each part to fit the branding and look of your organisation. When you add the same icons you normally use in other communication channels (website, social media, newsletter, etc.), users will have an effortless and intriguing experience.

Practical push notifications

Push notifications are a type of in-app communication that goes beyond the app! They are one of the best ways to communicate with your attendees, but you better use them wisely. Try to limit them to most essential information, last-minute program changes, announcing awards, and answering FAQs you get during the event. When used with care, push notifications not only inform but engage your audience. Information that does not require a push notification, is included under ‘general news’ or ‘background information’ on the app.

Let your sponsors do some talking

Our event app aims to stimulate engagement between sponsors and the rest of the community. The app becomes a platform for the exchange of ideas, valuable exposure, and dialogue that creates an active audience. We offer multiple sponsor features encouraging this kind of engagement.

Would you like more tips on the best uses of our app for your event? Contact us!